DIY: A nice folded lamp

The early, dark winter evenings and cozy DIY projects fit together like hot cocoa and whipped cream! Then create light in the dark with a decorative folded lamp, which you can make.

Nice folded lamp

You need to prepare:

  • 4 sheets of paper in A3 size. Watercolor quality paper pad A3 -180 grams (purchased in Panduro)
  • bone folder
  • wiring with wire
You find the template at the bottom
Here's how you do it
Copy template.
Follow a step by step guide below and abdomen and fold as described in the wizard.


Cut out the template and draw the same pattern on your A3 paper. The dimensions are per sheet: 32 cm x 38 cm.



Emboss all horizontal and oblique lines with fake legs. Your vertical bars are help strings and should not be folded.


STEP 3 (PHOTO 3 & 4)

Fold all horizontal lines, as in a mouse staircase. Make the edges sharp with a nail or the like.

STEP 4 (PHOTO 5-6-7-8-9-9b-10-11-12-13)

Fold all oblique lines in DAL. Start with the ends of the lamp and finish folding them inclined in the middle.
Then fold all the other lines - they straight line. Fold these in the top and the valley. This is done on the entire sheet.
Repeat point. 1 to 4 So you have a total of 4 folded sheets.
STEP 5 (PHOTO 14 & 15)
Glue the 4 sheets together. So it becomes an oblong folded rectangle
Let dry. Fold the lamp together with glue to make it a cylinder.


STEP 6 (PHOTOS 16 & 17)

Cut holes at the ends both at the top and the bottom. Use a hollow bowl.


STEP 7 (18)

Pull a string through the holes at the top and tighten carefully.
Insert cord and bulb.
Pull the string through the bottom and tighten with a loose knot.
Use if necessary. a stop needle to help get the cord through the holes.

Your DIY lamp is now ready for suspension.

The Template:

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