How to design and set up a small room

Decorating your home can be difficult. Especially when the home is a few square meters, it requires that you have to be extra creative to get the most out of the small spaces. Therefore, we guide you to decorate the few square meters of the home by offering tips and tricks on how to enlarge your home and thus make the best of home space.

Small rooms and homes can be difficult to decorate, as there is often room for more functions of a few square meters. We, therefore, give our best advice on how to enlarge your home using a few changes and additions. Common to our tips is that you can easily and quickly create the illusion of more squares, air, and profits when decorating small rooms.

In a beautifully decorated home, there is a focus on both comfort and functionality. It is precisely these two characteristics that must be united in order to create a well-appointed home. This applies both to the design of a small apartment or small rooms in the residence. Therefore, in the following article, you can get inspiration on how you can trick your eye with natural splitting, light, air, creative storage, and multifunctional furniture, thus enlarging your home and creating the illusion of more space.


When designing a few square meters, it is important to create a natural division between the different functions of the room. This will create air in the interior and thus space for both relaxation and activity in the home.

It is a good idea to create a feeling of two rooms or two areas if you have more features in one room. You can easily delimit spaces using either a curtain, a room divider, wallpaper or carpets. For example, you can create the feeling of two rooms by means of a curtain that can easily be pulled back and forth as needed. This is especially a smart solution for decorating the small apartment, where the living room decor and bedroom decor should be in the same room.

You can also easily divide areas of the home using a room divider. This can be a screen or it can be done using items of furniture such as shelving and cabinets. If the furniture is beautiful from all angles, it is obvious to stand out from the wall. In this way, it can be used as a sculptural element in the interior and at the same time divide the room.

We also recommend adding beautiful carpets to your interior design. Loose carpets in the dining table or sofas region bring the furniture together and emphasize the functions of the room. It creates calm for the eye and adds beautiful decoration.

Also, the wallpaper or a distinctive color of a single wall or several can provide a lot of life to decorating a few square meters. At the same time, it helps to assemble the individual function and creates a small space in the room. It is thus super smart to guide the eye to understand the division into space, as this will create more space, calm and air in the interior.


A good rule of thumb in relation to creating an illusion of more space is that light opens up space, whereas dark colors reduce. It is therefore essential to create light and air when decorating small rooms to enlarge the home.

The more light that is enclosed in a room, the greater your square meters work. It is important when investing in small spaces to invest in light and light curtains so that as much light as possible can penetrate. Another good idea is to switch doors out with glass doors that add extra light and create an illusion that the neighboring rooms belong together.

However, if you have few or small windows and therefore no natural light, it is a good idea to add extra light using lamps. It is important to avoid dark corners by evenly distributing lighting throughout the home. Good lighting can open up and contribute to the division of different functions into the room. We recommend lighting the entire room with one or more pendants and additionally adding wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps as beautiful functional lighting.

It is a bit about tricking the eye into decorating a few square meters. Therefore, large mirrors are perfect for creating an illusion that the room is twice as large. You can, therefore, add mirrors to your home decor to open up and add depth to the room. Mirrors are both decorative, practical and perfect for creating extra light and space.

For extra air in your interior design, it is super important to free the floor. By lifting things away from the floor by using, for example, wall lights and hanging shelves and creating up on the walls, you achieve that space seems larger. It is therefore extremely important to create light and air in its interior decoration to create the illusion of several square meters.


If you want to create more space in your small home, then it is important to include a lot of creative storage solutions. Root and toddler should be able to be stored away to create more air in your home decor.

Creative and decorative storage solutions are alpha and omega when space is cramped. It is, therefore, a good idea to let the storage space be part of the furniture. Here it is about thinking out of the box and finding the best solutions for how you can use your furniture to hide the things that you do not want to promote.

We recommend thinking in cubic meters and thus utilizing the space right up to the ceiling. Here you can use shelving and cabinets that go from floor to ceiling so that space is used optimally. Also, add extra shelves to minimize waste space. If you don't have high ceilings, you can create the illusion of the opposite by hanging up shelves under the ceiling. Use the walls for storage by hanging, shelving, bedside tables, televisions, etc. The more floor that is visible, the larger the room will look.

When furnishing a small apartment and a small room it is also an incredibly good idea to use furniture and decoration as storage. The bed in your bedroom decor can be used as storage, for example, the coffee table in the living room can have built-in storage and baskets, boxes and jars can create comfort and space for small items.


In order to create depth in your rooms and create an illusion of air and space, it is important to invade in the right furniture for small rooms that match the size of the room and fit the everyday needs.

A good idea is to select furniture that is more petite and space-saving when you live a few square meters. The furniture should preferably be light in their expression. This means, for example, that space will seem larger if you choose a sofa with light legs. Whereas a sofa without air under the seat will look very heavy and dominant in the home.

Likewise, dining tables, coffee tables, shelves, and cabinets should preferably have light legs and air beneath them. This will provide a lighter expression, create more depth in the room and create an illusion of more space and air in the home.

It is also incredibly important not to have more furniture than you need. The needs of everyday life must be considered when designing a few square meters. A good idea is, therefore, to decorate with multi-functional furniture. Furniture with many functions is super smart, as they can cover several functions and thus save space in the interior.

There are many opportunities to be creative with furniture for small rooms by decorating in a little space. For example, you can invest in a sofa that can become a bed, a dining table that can be used as a work table or stools, which can be used for both seatings, coffee table or night table. Multifunctional furniture is thus the way forward.

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