Guide: 6 Tips For a Clean Bed

When the clock approaches bedtime, it is always a pleasure to be able to creep into a lovely clean bed.

lovely clean bed

After a long day of stress and self, there is nothing better than creeping in a healthy and clean bed. Here you get our 6 tips on how to keep good bed hygiene so that you can sleep safely and well.

1. Wash duvets and pillows

Wash duvets and pillows at least once every six months. Use an enzyme-free detergent if they have a natural filling. Wash a quilt at a time by a gentle wash program, which, however, washes at 60 degrees. Finish with a spin. You dry duvets and pillows in the dryer along with two tennis balls. A duvet must have a long time - about three hours. It must be completely dry before using it again.

2. Change bedding

Change bed linen at least once a month and preferably every one or two weeks. How often to wash the bedding depends on how dirty you are when you go to bed. Do you sweat a lot during the day, and if you do not take a bath in the evening, your bedding will naturally get dirty faster. Wash the bedding at 60 degrees or give it only a three-liter cooking sink if you want to spare it as much as possible.

3. Vacuum the mattress

Vacuum the mattress and remove it if necessary. also with outside to give it a proper banquet. The mattress collects a lot of dust. If there are stains on it, remove them with a little water as possible as the water immediately penetrates into the mattress.

4. Drop the bedspread

Drop the bedspread as it prevents moisture from escaping from your mattress. And moisture is the worst enemy of the mattress. In addition, the house dust mites enjoy themselves very well in the warm and humid climate. For the same reason, it is actually best not to prepare his bed in the morning.

5. Use the scroll mattress

Use roller mattress and preferably wash it up to six times a year. It is an easy way to provide a clean bed and at the same time prolongs the mattress life.

6. Change mattress

Change mattress at least every ten years. The mattress sucks every night sweat, and therefore it does not keep on being clean and delicious. Moreover, an old mattress is not good for your back and loin. A good indicator of whether your mattress is too old is to feel good about whether you lie well on it and feel well rested and comfortable when you wake up in the morning.

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