7 tips for setting up & decorating small homes

small room

Fixing an apartment or a room of a few square meters can quickly be a big task. How do you make the best use of the few square meters? We have here on the editorial board inspired us to different homes where the square meter has been used to the most. Read and see if you can get some great ideas for your home.

1. Create your own room distribution with furniture or flooring
Do you live in a 1-room apartment or just in a home with a lack of space, so create your own distributions. You can create your room distributions by varying the material of the floor or using a piece of types of furniture such as a bookcase or wardrobe.

2. Store high
Do you need space for storage? So look up! There is room from floor to ceiling, however, it is the smallest that utilizes the upper meters of the room. Therefore, furnish with high shelves or cabinets and make the best use of the room.

3. Use your time
Who says that time is only for overcoats and shoes? Once upon a time, it is often a "waste room" and many of us might want the square of the room to be somewhere else in the home. But now they're in the hallway, you can as well use the square feet you have, and use the hallway to the office, wardrobe, storage or a whole fourth thing.

4. Be imaginative with your storage
Think creatively! So you only have very few square meters to deal with, so it's about taking advantage of all possible storage options. What about the stairs up to the loft can it be used as storage? Or how about raising the bed a bit, to make room for drawers? Be creative - think out of the box!

5. Dinner for two
It is nice to have visitors visiting, but living alone or with a girlfriend, you are usually only one or two for dining, and it is, therefore, obvious to have only a top-person dining table. That way, your dining table will fill less and your kitchen or dining area will seem bigger. A good tip is to buy a turn-out dining table so that there is room for your guests when they come to visit. In addition, a rolling table is always a good idea for storing your food - in this way you will have more space on the table.

6. The office with shelves
Does it cling to the place of a home office? Then the way is clearing the way. Shelves are super obvious to use as a table for your home office. That way, the office fills up so much and you're free to bump your legs into the table legs.

7. High ceilings
Are you one of the lucky ones who have high ceilings? So take advantage of it! There is a great opportunity for yourself to be able to put together a loft. It requires some crafts and creativity, but it can be done. In this case, Google and the construction market are your friends, and there are a wealth of guides out there. By utilizing your home with a loft, you suddenly get an extra room available for maybe a new bedroom or storage?

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