5 Tips to renovate the home cheaply without having to spend a million

Most of us go round with a little dream of enchanting our home in one way or the other, but it can often be the price of such a renovation that keeps us back. Fortunately, there is advice because there are plenty of delicious and cheap solutions for housing renewal. Here are some tips on how to renew your home without costing the box.

1. New windows

It may seem a bit boring to spend money on new windows, but it can really be a good investment for your home. Windows is available in so many different styles that it can make a world different from replacing old dotted windows with new farm windows, for example. In addition, in the long run, they can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill, as old windows often isolate poorly. And as I said, it does not have to cost a farmer to change them, you can easily find cheap windows online.

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2. New wallpaper

Does the bedroom need a little husband over, but is there no room for new and smart furniture? Then you can transform a whole room by changing the wallpaper, and there are so many nice wallpapers out there. If you live in Copenhagen, we recommend, for example, dropping past Mette Helena from 'Nybyggerne's tab store Retro Villa, which sells original vintage tapestries and Danish design.

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3. New kitchen

Are you foodie, it's alfa and omega with a good kitchen. But it may seem inconceivable and, not least, expensive to embark on a new kitchen project. However, it can make the whole thing to paint or change their closets, and you can actually get a cheap kitchen in, for example, IKEA, where they sell kitchens as much as 15,000.

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4. "New" ceilings and floors

If you have dark ceilings and floors, it can give your home a whole new vibe and a greater feeling if you paint it in a light color. You will be surprised at how different your home will think if you paint your wood ceilings white. Do you think it's just as bad to paint your floors white (because it may look dirty in no hour), you can alternatively paint them light gray or another light color.

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5. New interior

If you live in a rental apartment, it is limited what you can do in the interior. But fortunately, it does not mean that you can not give can give your home a little overhaul with new blankets, posters, and pillows. there is an ocean of delicious options at a reasonable price at homewarer

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