4 creative tips to decorate with plants

Not only are new fine sofas or a fresh color on the wall that can spice up your home decor at home - a fresh green plant or two can also do the trick. Here you will get four creative tips to decorate with plants.

decorate with plants

1. Prioritize your plant budget

If you want to prioritize your plant budget, go for a larger, characteristic plant with wow factor, volume and statement. Then you have something nice and green to look through the cold and dark months, which at the same time gives the character and life to the room. In addition, many large living plants are reasonably tolerant and easy to fit. Buy a beautiful jar that complements your plant's appearance. Tall, slender plants are very good in a dark jar with a heavy and stable look. Choose a jar that best suits your style and decor. You can complement your statement plant with other smaller plants for shelves and frames for an even green expression.

Suitable plants: Xanadu, strelitzia.

2. Buy plants in season

It is important that you invest in plants that you can take care of and fit for you and the season. In the autumn, dark tolerant plants are a good solution. As the days get shorter and the natural light disappears more and more, it may be a good idea to invest in plants that thrive with limited amounts of light. This ensures a plant solution that fits the climate of the season, which makes it easier to care and care in the dark times. Common to dark-tolerant plants is that they do not require very much light - however, all plants must have a little natural light.

Suitable plants: Monstera, Golden Dragon, Heart Philodendron, Sansevieria, Aglaonema, Pilea.

3.  Build plant environments

Gather your plants into environments with plants of different size, expression, and type, thus creating a characteristic and dynamic expression. Rather go all-in in some places, rather than distribute your plants individually in each window frame or the like, giving a better eye-catcher and character to your room. Often it works well to place an odd number of plants together. Also, think in different levels. Hanging plants on shelves or from jars in the attic also contribute to a nice green environment.

Suitable plants: jars, jars, grids

4. Think creatively

When it's dark and sad outside, you can instead play with the colors inside. Take for example some brave choice of jars for your plants and generally experiment a little more than usual. Choose plants with more characteristic and colorful leaves - it can be thanked or broiled leaves or leaves with graphic shapes.

Suitable plants: Calalthea triostar, broken rubber tree, pink syngonium, begonia maculata.

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